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The Shearing Gang is a stomping new musical, featuring memorable music and powerful songs, performed live, from an award-winning composer. It's a fresh, young soundtrack combing soaring ballads and high energy numbers to perfectly frame a compelling drama from a master story-teller.

Five young people join as one: working together, travelling together, living together. They are The Stormcats, a shearing gang: It's endless miles on the road and one long summer, at the end of which they know they will go their own ways. At journey's end, nothing will quite be the same again.

The show examines with a light touch the different lives of young people from city and rural backgrounds. It reconnects with the past and offers hope for the future, whilst never failing to be entertaining. It aims to leave the audience more aware, mesmerised.... and humming memorable tunes.

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The Shearing Gang Compilation
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The Shearing Gang Story In Ten Songs...


The Shearing Gang  makes use of large scale puppetry brought to life by our partner,  Shoot First Theatre.

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