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Two characters eternally on the run, but from whom or what? 

Sheltering from the storm outside, they share the tales of distant times and faraway lands, awaiting...

Will their past catch up with them before the clock strikes?

In the darkest of winters comes the brightest of tales...


A show for all audiences (8+) and a journey through the shortest days, with tales of deepest winter from across Europe, Japan and much nearer to home. The stories and songs could not be more diverse: from the joyful to the dark, the new and the familiar, all performed by the company of travelling strangers.

"Had a great evening and thoroughly enjoyed the production - fast moving, compelling with a twist at the end."

" It’s so refreshing to see something different, the combination of characters, tales, singing and puppetry were wonderful."

"The theatre show was brilliant, riveting, and rock n roll. Couldn’t believe how good the tunes were. "

"Thank you to the impressive duo who held us audience spellbound to the last."

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