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A new musical project from the award winning company

Stories that come down through the centuries. A force that cannot be tamed. The sea that surrounds us. The taker of land and lives. With us always.

We are creating a new musical that explores and celebrates our relationship with the sea and, in particular, the extraordinary work of the people who crew the lifeboats.

Our starting point is Whitby, a town steeped in maritime tradition. We are working with the communities that make up the town to shape a show that is authentic and has their partipation from the outset. We will use two intertwined stories as a basic thread and add their voices, memories and experiences to produce the rich content of the final show. It will be both local and universal, and the process of its creation will leave a legacy and an archive record.


From its starting point we expect to tour the show nationally in 2024 and 2025. We will again use award winning composer Alastair Collingwood to compose original music and he has produced two songs to build from as we work with the communitty to create the musical landscape.


We are working with numerous local arts and community groups in North Yokshire, but wish to enage as widely as possible and have a programme of meetings and workshops scheduled from Autumn 2022, though we'd be very pleased to make contact with individuals at any time. The project is directed by Antony Bellekom, longtime theatre maker and director of national creative projects for the National Lottery and BRIT Awards.


A Starting Point For The Narrative

What binds a19th century fisherman and a 21st century teaching assistant? A responsibility passed down through the ages. People you see in the pubs and cafes. Heroes.

Henry Freeman is very real, an icon. The sole survivor of the 1861Whitby lifeboat disaster. A national hero and then, leading an extraordinary endeavour. The lifeboat carried across the snow covered moors to a rescue


Faith is very real, though not a single person. One of those taking up the mantle today. Two young children, a demanding job and putting her life before others. Will it be chips for tea or facing the worst of seas?

A Starting Point For The Music

We have recorded two songs that reflect the starting point for the narrative. New songs and music will be composed as the narrative is developed, utilising the input of the local creative community.

Willing Them All Home
Faith's Song
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