They come from the city, they come from the country. Together it's One Long Summer, One Long Journey. Who will they be at journey's end.....

They are the shearing gang. And the road goes on.

The Shearing Gang -
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If you thought it was bad in the city, welcome to the countryside.

Let Me Show You -
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The Stormcats -
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They live together, work together, travel together.

"One day, all this will seem so far away. All of the hurt, a memory. Maybe. Just like it happened to some people we once knew"

Someday -
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Where the future has to be worth fighting for. For our land, our food, our communities.

Wasteland -
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"Don't ask me what I'm doing here, the fall guy in a silent comedy..."

One Of The Gang -
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"It's her eyes I remember the most" Trying to shed the past...

Onto The Road -
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And the work is relentless, competitive, shattering.

The Shearing Rap -
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New footsteps, ancient lands,  new stories, timeless legends.

The Standing Stones - tist
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"There is a time to be apart and only dream of that new start. Share the comfort of your friends, give yourself the chance to mend".

Chasing Ghosts -
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