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A new musical from the award winning company

Stories that come down through the centuries. A force that cannot be tamed. The sea that surrounds us. The taker of land and lives.


What binds a19th century fisherman and a 21st century teaching assistant? A responsibility passed down through the ages. People you see in the pubs and cafes.Heroes.

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things


Two Songs From The Show..

Willing Them All Home
Faith's Song

Henry Freeman is very real, an icon. The sole survivor of the 1861Whitby lifeboat disaster. A national hero and then, leading an extraordinary endeavour. The lifeboat carried across the snow covered moors to a rescue


Faith is very real, though not a single person. One of those taking up the mantle today. Two young children, a demanding job and putting her life before others. Will it be chips for tea or facing the worst of seas?

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