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This mini-musical features the iconic Victorian lifeboat hero, Henry Freeman, the only survivor of the 1861 Whitby lifeboat disaster. Henry went onto become the coxswain and was involved in numerous other rescues. He is joined by Faith, his 21st century equivalent, though as a young mum with a demanding job, her life could not be more different.

But together they are both ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Meet Mary Roberts in this one act play, as she shares her story with a more recent, survivor. Mary was one of the first to be rescued from the Titanic in 1912. Yet, she says, was far worse was to happen just two years later. The Rohilla was a hospital ship that went aground at Saltwick Nab and over three days, six lifeboats were involved battling huge seas. Though more than 80 people died, once more, one of the first to be saved was…. Mary Roberts.

Throughout history there have been those at clifftops and jetties, families and loved ones, watching the fishing fleets and the lifeboats take to the sea, uncertain of their fate. Hoping and praying. Those memories and emotions are brought together in a performance by Whitby Community Choir that features music, old and new, plus the tales of those who wait.

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